CFM Services presents its range of expertise and services

We offer a full range of electrical services on your power equipment – Low, Medium & High voltage.

Electrical Grid
Electric site
Thermal power plant
Hydroelectric power plant
Windfarm site
Collector network
Distribution network
Main power supply

Our technicians and experienced engineers are glad to offer you the following services.

Maintenance and refurbishment
Electrical check
Primary injection
Mechanism adjustment
Commissioning (M.E.S)
Pre-operational verification (V.P.O)
Hydro-Québec testing as SN11.2 A4 and E.12-03
Programming and testing of protective relays
Exterior cabinets
Painting of transformer and external cabinets

CFM Services provides verification, diagnosis and repair of all types of electrical equipments.

Power transformer
Grounding transformer
Voltage transformer
Bushing and insulators
Medium voltage motor starter
Medium voltage alternator
Surge protector
Manual and motorized switch
SF6, vacuum, air and oil circuit breaker
SF6, vacuum and air contactor
Battery bank
Protection relay
Cables and busbars

We offer a complete list of products and services on insulating oils.

Oil and dissolved gas analysis for transformers & circuit breakers
Sale of new or used oil
Oil treatment (filtration, dehydration, regeneration)
Transformer oil filtration
Vacuum filling of transformer


CFM Services can work on your SF6 equipments.

Vacuum filling

Adding SF6 (TopOff)

Draining and recycling

Other available services.

Thermographic inspection

Internal verification of transformer

Ultrasound test.

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