CFM Services. A professional and dedicated team to achieve your goals.

Our technicians and engineers are qualified to test, diagnose and repair your equipments with a high quality service. Our instruments are at the cutting edge of technology and are calibrated annually. We offer the following testing services:

Insulation testing up to 170 kVdc

Dielectric test (VLF) to 90 kVpeak

Transformer turn ratio test

Winding resistance tests

Testing power factor and capacitance up to 10 kV

Testing frequency response (SFRA)

Testing timing and movement (Cincinati)

Saturation and polarity (PT/CT) test

Discharge tests of battery bank

 Ground grid resistance test

Soil resistivity test

Continuity of ground grid test

And more ..

Our staff is also able to make the setting, programming and complete verification of your relay, such as:





GEC Alstom

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